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Найти все предложения present perfect

Day 1
I've just moved from middle school to high school and from a private one to a public one. Overnight. I was transformed from the oldest, most experienced student in the school into the youngest, greenest newcomer. Lots of things ane confusing, like my schedule. I got lost today trying to find art class. And where is my maths class? Miles away from here...
So it's been great to lose that horrible uniform and wear jeans for a change, but there is much more to it than that. It's been hard to make friends thickly. What I miss most is knowing everyone - we were all so close. We had been together for 9 years!
I do miss my school a lot. Even the food was better. We had more variety, and there was that delicious pizza every Friday!!! There were fewer students in my previous school and not so many troublemakers. Here I feel terribly lonely. No one pays any attention to me. I wish I had stayed there!
Day 4
Today was full of surprises. My elective subject is team sports. I had chosen it because I had expected that there would be lots of other girls in it. I turned out to be VERY wrong. There were only five other girls and about 30 boys! Put this has actually turned out to be good. I've become friends with many of the boys from my class

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day 1 - 've moved,

day 2 - 's been, 's been, had been

Day 3 - had stayed

day 4 - had chosen, had expected, has turned, 've become

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нужно только Present perfect,а тут и past perfect