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Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple.

1.My friend (to go) to the library every Wednesday.
2. He (not to go) to the country yesterday.
3. Why you (to go) to the country yesterday?
4. We (to grow) tomatoes next summer.
5. Where your father (to work) last year?
6. You (to go) to the south next summer?
7. He (not to watch) TV yesterday.
8. Yesterday we (to write) a test.
9. I (to buy) a very good book Tuesday.
10. My granny (not to buy) bread yesterday.
11. What you (to buy) at the shop tomorrow?
12. Your brother (to go) to the country with us next Sunday?.
14. My sister (to wash) the dishes every morning.
15. When you usually (to go) to school?

Составь WH-вопросы.
We will collect coins. (What?)
His uncle lived in Rostov (Where?)
They go to the library every Thursday. (When?)
There are 10 notebooks on the shelf. (How many?)
I want to be a teacher. (What?)

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My friend goes.... He didn't go... Why didn't you go.... We will grow... Where did your father work.... Will you go.... He didn't whatch... Yesterday we wrote... I bought... My granny didn't buy... What will you buy... Will your brother go... My sister washes... When do you usually go...  What will we collect? Where does his uncle live? When do they go to the library? How many notebooks are there on the shelf? What do you want to be?

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1.My friend Goes to the library every weekend
2. He didn’t go to the country yesterday
3. Why did you go to the country yesterday?
4. We will grow the tomatoes next summer
5. Where work to your father last year?
6.Will you go to the south next summer?
7. He didn’t watch TV yesterday
8.Yesterday we wrote a test
9. I bought a very good book Tuesday
10. My granny didn’t buy a bread yesterday
11. What will you buy at the shop tomorrow?
12.Will your brother go to the country with us next Sunday?
14. My sister washes the dishes every morning.
15. When do you usually go to school?
1.What will you collect?
2. Where leave his uncle?
3. When they go to the library?
4.How many notebooks on the shelf?
Вроде правильно. Ты пиши, это лучше чем ничего.

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