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In your notebook write full answers to the questions above.
1.Do you prefer texting your friends to calling them?
2.When you get a text message,do you send your reply immediately?
3.Of you don't reply immediately,do you apologise for not replying sooner?
4.Do you like being at home on my own?
5.Do you enjoy chatting with your friends?
6.How much time do you spend every day surfing the Internet?
7.Do you prefer browsing the Internet to looking for some specific informetion?
8.Do toy usually look for ward to meeting your schoolmates after your holidays?
9.Do your friends often come round to see you?
10.Do you usually pray before going to bed?
12.Do you like or hate eating microwaveable food?
13.When would you prefer to go on the Internet:during the daytime or at night?
14.Do you like popped into some shops on the way home from school?
15.Do you get up at seven sharp or at 7ish?
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1. I prefer texting my friends.
2. It depends on how busy I am.
3. Yes, I do.
4. Yes, I do. It is a lot of fun.
6. I spend 2-3 hours every day surfing the Internet.
7. Yes, I do. Reading interesting information on the Internet is good for education.
8. Yes, I do. It is because I miss them.
9. It depends on how busy they are. But we usually meet.
10. No, I don’t.
12. Microwaveable food is bad for health, but I like it.
13. I prefer going on the Internet during the daytime because my mind is fresh.
14. Yes, I do. I buy many things after school.
15. I get up at 7ish.

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