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Read and discuss giving comments on the ones you agree/disagree with and say Why?
1 students must wear a school uniform
2students should never be late for school
3. You can always miss the lessons
4. Students shouldn't write on the walls
5. Students can't make friends at school
6. Students shouldn't help their friends. It is the teacher's job.

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All insists on school’s rules . If the school is really worthy and it has its own rules and requirements , then there is a good reason to wear a school uniform. It would be much more better the school uniform to be alike.

Yes, first of all it isn’t good to be late for somewhere. I think, that if students have the definit time, they must be in time for classes.

No, you should try not to miss lessons at all because it is a bad habit. After one missing , you would like to miss some more lessons.

That is something strange, if the students wants to write on walls, that means that he is an artist

No, it is impossible. Everyone prefers to work in friendly atmosphere. We start to learn it at school .

We can’t live without help. And this is natural. Sometimes we need teacher’s help but still we should also think about self-development

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