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пожалуйста помогите с английским!!!!
Complete the dialogues. Use the past simple or the present perfect simple form of the verbs.
1.Anton: Have you two met before.
Lauren: Yes. We both went (go) to that party last week.
2.Setsuko: How long____you _____(know) Marek?
Andrej: We _____ (meet) on the first day of this course.
3.Callum: _____ you ____(see) any films last weekend?
Shayla: No. I _____ (not go) to the cinema for ages.
4.Ramon: _____ you _____ (finish) that Harry Potter book yet?
Tessa: Oh, yes , I ______ (take) it back to the library yesterday.
5. Jay: ______ you _____ (speak ) to will yesterday?
Soraya: No, I ______ (not see) him for a couple of days.
6.Carrie: _____ you _____ (buy) Lee's birthday present yet?
Jen: Yes, I _____ (get) her something in town last night.
7 Shandra: When _____ you ______ (learn) to drive?
Jack: Me? I ______ (never drive ) a car in my life.

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1)  we both (went) .....

2) (Do) you know Marek? We (met)

3) ( Did) you see....   No. I don't go to the...

4) ( Did) you finish...  Oh yes, I (took)

5) (Didi) you speak... No I don't see

6) (Did) you (buy) Yes, I (got) her...

7) When (do) you (learn)... Me? i (never drive)

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